Currently I am studying in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Helsinki) in a Master’s programme: Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. In the studies I want to take my thinking forward in the frame of contemporary art. Let’s see what happens!

Some recent school works:

Space With a View, 2015, site-specific performance and photography. Photos: Elena Burtseva
Site: Kauttua (Western Finland)





Big Dipper by Bike, video, duration 2 min


On artist Denise Ziegler’s course the theme was to create a portrait of a street implying a rhetorical figure to a street. The course took place in the city of Pori. The street I chose, Otavankatu, is named after the asterism Big Dipper (Otava). I decided to create the asterism on the street using seven flashlights and led lights. Coincidentally our group had seven similar bikes and seven people to ride them, so it became clear for me to devise an action/event for my fellow students. During the workshop we discussed a lot about language. On the soundtrack of the video my course mates say the name of the asterism on their mother tongue (5 various) and make a random melody by ringing the bells of the bikes.


Celebration of color, sincerity and joy! A dance short film inspired by the birds of paradise.

Directing, shooting, editing, visuals: Anna-Sofia Sysser
Performers: Marjut Maristo, Katja Sallinen, Enni Suominen & Sophia Wekesa
Sound: Risto Kämäräinen

Birds of Paradise was part of my exhibition Surprise Paradise in Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 June 2015 in Helsinki, Finland.

Here’s also the direct youtube link:

yllätysparatiisiphoto: Anna-Sofia Sysser


Anna-Sofia Sysser: Yllätysparatiisi / Surprise Paradise
Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki
June 6th – June 14th 2015
Exhibition opening June 5th 6pm – 8pm. Welcome!

Surprise Paradise is a collection of beauty and one kind of paradise. Tropical landscapes and sounds, birds of paradise, beautiful colours and kitsch aesthetics have inspired the exhibition.
Surprise Paradise is a celebration of colour, sincerity, joy and hope. The exhibition consists of a performance, video, sound, installations and an ”oasis” for visitors to hang out in.

In the Birds of Paradise -performance, birds of paradise are dancing. They transform, make instant outfit creations, rejoice and upgrade each other by performing caring rituals. The performance celebrates open and bubbly encountering. Maybe it makes one wish to be more free and goofy and less cynical and self-conscious.
The performance is also suitable for non-Finnish speaking audience and for kids.
Performers: Marjut Maristo, Enni Suominen & Sophia Wekesa

Exhibition is open:
Fri June 5th Opening at 6pm-8pm
Sat June 6th & Sun 7th at 1pm – 5pm
Tue June 9th – Fri 12th at 2pm – 6pm
Sat June 13th & Sun 14th at 1pm – 5pm

Birds of Paradise -performances:
Fri 5th at 7pm
Sun 7th at 5pm
Thu 11th at 7pm
Performances start sharp. The gallery will be closed during the performance, so please be on time. Free entry!
The downstairs of the gallery will be closed 15 minutes before the performance, for preparations for the performance.

Other programme:
Sat 6th & Sat 13th Guided tours in the exhibition at 2pm. Guide: Anna-Sofia Sysser.
Sun 14th at 2pm – 4pm. Finissage picnic and artist talk

It’s summer – why wouldn’t we have the time of our lives?

Oksasenkatu 11 is an artist-run gallery and an artist collective located in the district of Töölö in central Helsinki.


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Villin ääret –runoesitys Talvipuutarhassa 21.-26.8.2014

“Jokainen siemen kehittyy laillaan
jotta verso olisi uusi, kesyttämätön”

Ekokriittinen runoesitys ihmisen ja luonnon välisestä suhteesta, villistä ja kesystä.

Tekstit: Jenni Hurmerinta
Esiintyminen: Anna-Sofia Sysser

Esitykset Talvipuutarhan länsisiivessä:
To 21.8. klo 19 (Taiteiden yö)
La 23.8. klo 12.30 ja 14.30
Su 24.8 n. klo 15 (Runopuutarha-tapahtuma alkaa klo 14)
Ti 26.8. klo 10

Vapaa pääsy. Esityksen kesto n. 35 minuuttia.

Yhteistyössä: Runokuu-festivaali, Suomen PEN ja Helsingin kaupungin rakennusvirasto.
Esitystä on työstetty Mustarinda-taiteilijaresidenssissä kesäkuussa 2014.

Jenni Hurmerinta on kirjoittaja ja sanataideohjaaja. Anna-Sofia Sysser on esitystaiteilija ja teatteri-ilmaisun ohjaaja. Villin ääret on heidän toinen yhteistyöesityksensä.

Villin ääret (Verges of The Wild)

An ecocritical poetry performance dealing with the relationship between human and nature, wild and tame.

Texts: Jenni Hurmerinta
Performance: Anna-Sofia Sysser

Performances at the Winter Garden, Helsinki (Hammarskjöldintie 1)

Language: Finnish.

Organizers: Runokuu-festival, Finnish PEN and Helsinki City Public Works Department. Hurmerinta & Sysser were invited to work on the performance in Mustarinda Artist Residency (Hyrynsalmi, Finland), June 2014.








Vierailija (Visitor), 2014

Installation & performance developed for visual artist Enni Suominen‘s exhibition Tyhjä meri / Empty Sea.

Outline, processing & scenario together with Enni Suominen
Installation: Enni Suominen
Performing: Anna-Sofia Sysser

Performed 9.3.2014 in Gallery Gjutars, Vantaa, Finland

Photos: Enni Suominen

BETWEEN THE CEILING AND THE FLOOR – Helmi Kajaste and Anna-Sofia Sysser
6.-23.3.2014, Sorbus gallery, Vaasankatu 15, Helsinki

The joint exhibition of an architect and a performance artist explores the multisensory way of experiencing a space. The old role of architecture is stirred by introducing it to the fleeting nature of video and performance art. The exhibition installation and the short performances have been made specifically for this space.

Between the Ceiling and the Floor can only be experienced fully when visiting the gallery and every visitor is a part of the whole. Welcome all!

Supported by Architecta & National Council for Architecture and Design.

Check out more about Helmi:
and about Sorbus:

Writer, director: Elina Minn (
Produced by Antagon 2013 (

At Vienna LABseries at Schaukasten I developed and performed a new piece. The concept of the festival was that every artist works during one day and performs in the evening. I worked with square meters, minutes, social norms and social/private spaces. 1 m2 was one score and the duration of one score was one minute. I divided the space into 1m2 squares with rope.



Altogether the duration was 60 minutes and the piece had three different phases.
1. I performed a score in every square
Vienna LABseries


Vienna LABseries


2. I asked the audience to join a game of changing places in the squares

3. I did a movement improvisation with the net dividing the squares.

Vienna LABseries

Vienna LABseries
Photos: Andrea Lehsiak (and one video still by Jasmin Schaitl)

A huge thank you for the organizers for everything and the Finnish Embassy for supporting my visit!

I was invited to perform in Vienna, as part of The Vienna LABseries
– ” an international Performance Art Platform, happening at the Schaukasten – Interessensraum für Zeitgenossenschaft.
In cooperation with Jasmin Schaitl, an artist who lives and works in vienna, we have invited a small group of international Performance Artists to elaborate, research, perform and reflect their work and thereby transforming the white cube into a laboratory. The first series of Vienna LABseries is focused on long-durational performances. ”

My LAB day and performance in the evening will be on December 5th. If you happen to be in Vienna, come by!

Find the program and more info here:

Collecting - Recollecting
Collecting - Recollecting
Some visual stuff for the blog. Last autumn I got interested in collecting as a method or a tool for an artistic practice. Quickly I noticed that I had a special interest in collecting some particular things or using photography as a way to collect something I found attractive, although I wasn’t really sure why. And I wasn’t even sure if I would ever use the collected items later for material. I had been thinking that the items or photos I collect would eventually end up being some kind of impulse material for a performance. In stead of a performance it suddenly seemed more interesting to use the actual items and photos and make something out of them. Then the idea of recollecting came along, since I had been collecting these things for almost a year and already had formed memories towards them.
I will continue with this consept, Collecting – Recollecting, also with my performative work.


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