sub_space collaboration

sub_space rehearsal from Anna-Sofia Sysser on Vimeo.

Stop motion video by Aya Imamura

One of the projects I’m working with at the moment is called sub_space. It’s a project lead by sound artist William “Bilwa” Costa. He describes the concept: “sub_space is a movement, sound and visual improvisation structure for 10 dancers/movers, 2 visual artists and 1 sound artist.” sub_space will premiere in the 100 Grad Festival at HAU3, Berlin on 22.2.2013.
Happy and excited to participate!

On the video:
Dancers: Stina Nilsson, Marcela Donato, Lydia Zechelius
Tapers: Elena Nestorova, Anna-Sofia Sysser
Sound: Bilwa