A quick spring visit to Finland

I visited Helsinki and Turku for a few days in the middle of April:

see clearly sakari tervo
It was great to see Sakari Tervo’s exhibition in Titanik gallery, great exhibition as a whole. The exhibition was based on a method by American physician William Bates, which aims to improve eyesight. Here on the screen on the right I’m performing some exercises from the method.

sakari & johanna
Sakari and our mutual friend Johanna here in the other room of the gallery space.

tukkiasotkat brunch
We also met with our band Tukkasotkat and had some brunch. Here in the picture Hannu is brutally cropped out of the picture and Johanna is somewhere else 🙂

johanna porola kuka
I have to advertise Johanna Porola’s (here pictured in Kuka Bar) solo project, her music is wonderful. Listen to her here: https://soundcloud.com/johannaporola

Also visual artist Elina Minn invited me to work in her new project and we already started to work on it a bit. The project will happen in the summer, I’ll tell you more later!