Vienna LABseries 5 Dec 2013

At Vienna LABseries at Schaukasten I developed and performed a new piece. The concept of the festival was that every artist works during one day and performs in the evening. I worked with square meters, minutes, social norms and social/private spaces. 1 m2 was one score and the duration of one score was one minute. I divided the space into 1m2 squares with rope.



Altogether the duration was 60 minutes and the piece had three different phases.
1. I performed a score in every square
Vienna LABseries


Vienna LABseries


2. I asked the audience to join a game of changing places in the squares

3. I did a movement improvisation with the net dividing the squares.

Vienna LABseries

Vienna LABseries
Photos: Andrea Lehsiak (and one video still by Jasmin Schaitl)

A huge thank you for the organizers for everything and the Finnish Embassy for supporting my visit!