Back in school

Currently I am studying in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Helsinki) in a Master’s programme: Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. In the studies I want to take my thinking forward in the frame of contemporary art. Let’s see what happens!

Some recent school works:

Space With a View, 2015, site-specific performance and photography. Photos: Elena Burtseva
Site: Kauttua (Western Finland)





Big Dipper by Bike, video, duration 2 min


On artist Denise Ziegler’s course the theme was to create a portrait of a street implying a rhetorical figure to a street. The course took place in the city of Pori. The street I chose, Otavankatu, is named after the asterism Big Dipper (Otava). I decided to create the asterism on the street using seven flashlights and led lights. Coincidentally our group had seven similar bikes and seven people to ride them, so it became clear for me to devise an action/event for my fellow students. During the workshop we discussed a lot about language. On the soundtrack of the video my course mates say the name of the asterism on their mother tongue (5 various) and make a random melody by ringing the bells of the bikes.