Visuality -> Performance workshop + screening + talk in Bandung, Indonesia


A performance art workshop by Anna-Sofia Sysser (FIN)
Tuesday, December 15th 2015 at 13.00-16.30.
Workshop fee 30K – limited to 10 persons only
Info & registration: Sani – 0858-6051-4471

Anna-Sofia Sysser will lead a workshop where the aim is to experiment visuality as a base for performative actions. Different exercises and performance sketches focus on visual perception and it’s influence on movement, text or scenic images. The participants are asked to bring with them one image/video/visual object they find interesting to work with as an impulse material. The workshop is suitable for all artists/art students working with different media, but interested in performance.

Photo credit: Anna-Sofia Sysser
Poster design by: Rega Rahman