Big Dipper (by bike) video in Pori during March

My video work Big Dipper (by bike), 2015, is now presented in Pori (Finland) at Pori Live ”Office” – Elävä Porin Toimisto on Isolinnankatu 7. It is there during the whole March!

Big Dipper (by Bike), 2015, video, duration 2 min

One street
One rhetorical figure
Seven flashlights and Led-lights
Seven performers
Seven bicycles
Seven bicycle bells
Five different native languages
One video camera
One sound recorder
= Portrait of Otavankatu

Directing, camera, editing, sound: Anna-Sofia Sysser
Performers: Jakub Bobrowski, Elena Burtseva, Beatrijs Dikker, Blanca Dominguez, Jonne Kauko, Katri Miettinen, Lari Rantalainen
The video work was filmed in the city of Pori on the street of Otavankatu in fall 2015. Otava is the Finnish name of the asterism Big Dipper.