Saatanan kesänäyttely, group exhibition, Generaattorigalleria (Pori)

Trooppinen huone
Trooppinen huone / Tropical Room, multidisciplinary installation, materials and found objects mainly from Pori

Salon de Porveaux, group exhibition, 2016, Porvoon Taidehalli (Porvoo)

Les Voyantes (video and installation), 2016
Others works I had in the exhibition: Air Dress (costume and performance) & Adornment Workshop (public workshop)

Yllätysparatiisi / Surprise Paradise, solo exhibition, Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, 2015, Helsinki

Celebration of colour, sincerity and joy – one kind of a paradise. Tropical landscapes and sounds, birds of paradise, beautiful colours and kitsch aesthetics inspired the exhibition. It consisted of a performance, video, sound, installations and an ”oasis” for visitors to hang out in.

Review by Anna Jensen in Sylvi (in Finnish): http://sylvi.fi/2015/06/yllatysparatiisi/

Katon ja lattian välissä (trans. Between the Ceiling And the Floor)
Sorbus-gallery, 2014, Helsinki

Collaboration with architect Helmi Kajaste. The exhibition explored multisensory ways of experiencing a space. The old role of architecture was stirred by introducing it to the fleeting nature of video and performance art.


Collecting – Recollecting, solo exhibition, Deck Drei, 2013, Berlin
Collecting - Recollecting
An atelier exhibition presenting a working method. Collecting Recollecting -method explores perception and memory in artistic context.